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Saturday afternoons

These sessions are held generally once a month during the summer and normally coincide with Family Sailing Days – see club calendar.


Kayleigh Garrett will run these sessions with the help of competent club members and also older Buccaneers. Kayleigh will split you into groups based on your age and experience.  The sessions will range from knowing how to rig, derig and look after the boats, and the basics of boat handling through to sailing a triangular course.


You can use your own dinghy if you have one, or else you can use one of the club dinghies, normally Optimists or Toppers, for these sessions. Whatever you do during Saturday afternoons, Kayleigh and her helpers will be seeing how you are getting on and will be assessing you against the various skills required by the RYA for their Levels 1 and 2 and we will be able to award you Certificates to show you have reached that level.  Just another reason to attend Junior Pot Night which celebrates everyone’s achievements.


For those of you that are gaining confidence and competence, we hope to be able to give you more individual training in the basics of racing which will help you enjoy the Friday evening race sessions.

Saturdays are about making friends and having a good time whilst also learning what fun you can have on the water by increasing your skills and confidence.  You can progress as slowly or as quickly as you want and there is no pressure to do anything you do not want to do.

So do come and join in – everybody is welcome. 

Even if your parents don’t sail, they can learn a lot as well!


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