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Important dates in 2017 for Buccaneers


Feb 11th  
March 11th
March 18th            
April 1st
April 15th              
April 28th                  
May 6th                          
May 13th
May 20th
June 10th
June 17th
July 8th
July 15th
July 23rd/28th

August TBC
August 19th
September 2nd
September 9th 
September 16th
September 15th
September 30th
October 21st
November 18th

Champion Club @ Haversham
Champion Club @ MKSC
Junior Pot Night / Presentation evening
Champion Club @ Haversham
First Buccaneers’ Saturday afternoon
Start of Friday evening racing
Champion Club @ Emberton
Club open day with Junior Challenge races
Second Buccaneers’ Saturday afternoon
Champion Club @ Great Moor        
Third Buccaneers’ Saturday afternoon
Champion Club @ Haversham
Fourth Buccaneers’ Saturday afternoon
Junior Week
Fifth Buccaneers’ Saturday afternoon
Champion Club @ Great Moor
Junior MK Cup at MKSC
Sixth and final Buccaneers’ Saturday afternoon
Final Buccaneers’ Friday evening racing
Junior Denbigh Cup
Champion Club @ Emberton
NSSA Trials @ Haversham


Friday evening racing STARTS at 1830h until 25th August and then at 1800h. 

Briefing 15 minutes before the start.  Saturday afternoons are from 1430h to 1700h


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