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Buccaneers’ Class flag, the Jolly Roger up at 5 minutes before the start, down when the race starts with one sound signal each time.


Raised at 4 minutes before and down 1 minute before start, one sound signal each time.

Shorten course

 Raised a short time before finish, two sounds

Individual recall

Raised with one sound signal if a boat is over the line at the start. In proper racing you will not be told whether it is you or another boat, but in Buccaneers, we will tell you!

General recall

Raised with two sound signals if unidentifiable boats are over the start, and lowered with one sound signal, one minute before the Warning signal is raised again.


Raised with two sound signals, lowered with one sound signal, and then new warning signal generally raised with one sound signal after another minute

Abandon race

Raised with three sound signals, means head back to clubhouse

Black flag

We will not be using this in Buccaneers, but a flag you should know about if you competing in other junior events. Mostly used after one or two general recalls, in simple terms it means that if any part of your boat is over the start line during the one minute before the start, you will be disqualified.





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