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Social Events

First look at the club eCalendar that is kept up to date and shows daily, monthly and annual events including race times.  The look at the noticeboards in the clubhouse for posters. Sometimes members organise events themselves and charge a small amount for a ticket to cover costs. Fancy organising a themed dinner party or disco? Please contact Steve or Louise, 01908 618762 with any enquiries.

Regular Events

Annual General Meeting: usually takes place in May in the Clubhouse

Management Board Meetings: usually take place fin the Clubhouse first Wednesday of every month (except August)

Trophy presentation evening: adult trophies usually accompanied by a dinner/dance/bar-b-q. Saturday Sept 22nd, 2018 in the Clubhouse.

June solstice weekend: Family Sailing all day; Buccaneers & youth sailing, Match Racing, Night Race

Club Bonfire Party: from 19h00: bring a big 'un! Saturday Nov 3rd 2018
Quiz nights: Mainly dureing the autumn and winter evening on a Friday. Watch the eCalendar

Half Crown Club every Wednesday afternoon: The Half Crown Club was formed by a gang of four (Marina, Foggy Cleg and Compo). The aim was, and still is, to enjoy our lake without havi ng to have the pressures of racing. We have a set of simple rules: to sail in a safe manner, assist if someone is in difficulty and help each other without having to be asked. How did we become the 2/6d ers? Well I was asked by a senior member how much was the joining fee and in haste I answered Half-a-Crown. Two weeks later he gave me one and it had cost him only 1.50 on Ebay. It took me a while to explain that we had no Treasurer but he insisted I kept it any way. A few years ago we invented the Wellington Cup, titled after my boots not The Duke. This is a Fun day with Cups to the winners (non returnable) which are presented at a Free BBQ. We also have 'A bit of a do' which is held each year at the end of September, usually a meal at a local eatery. So come on down any Wednesday afternoon and Have-a-Chat or Have-a-Sail or Have-a HUG and a Cup-of-tea. See you soon. Mugwump (Michael Flack)

Milton Keynes Exhibition: Central Milton Keynes shopping centre in mid April
Club Open Day:
Early May in conjunction with RYA Push the Boat Out. Junior Challenge Trophy

Work Parties: Autumn Work Party (no fishing or sailing 09h00-16h00) Sat 27th October

Club Bonfire Party: bring a big 'un! Sat 3rd November

Xmas/New Year: Commodore's 'Rum Do' @ 11h30. New Year's Day Ice Breaker @ 11h30.


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