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Sell your dinghy, sailboard or other boaty bits and pieces

Just email the webmaster your details and they will be posted up on this page.



Laser full rig for sale. (Sail No 161410) £750 ono

Complete with 2 full rig sails, XD conversion kit fitted, XD kicker fitted, launch trolley.

Contact Bob Haynes on 07941-044559 (May24th)



Dinghies for sale, on behalf of the OU Sailing Club. Currently at Haversham SOLD



Lightning 368, LN114 SOLD



Wayfarer 10777 “Jellibelli” 
Due to a change in lifestyle my lovely Wayfarer is now available for sale.

White top with two color hull in red & white
JJ laminated foils, spare fiberglass center board.
One racing set of sails two other worn/ cruising sets all in long bags
Full control line set up for racing, continuous kicker control to cascade kicker
Cascade rig tension.
Boom up cover, trailing upper and under covers 
Padded toe straps
Combination trolly and road base with 10” wheels, light board.
All ready to race or take anywhere

Looking for offers ITRO £7000
Call Russell on 07743 894558 (Feb 2018)


Phantom 1264 “Phrantic”
Vandercraft built (one of the last ones they built), all white with grey internal non slip. carbon rig, 4 sails, Milan’s foils, continuous control lines (set up by front of traveler fleet sailor)
Cover, launching trolly with combination road base.

Looking for offers ITRO £3000
Call Russell on 07743 894558 (Feb 2018)





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